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MISSION: At our core, we strive to assist both emerging and experienced leaders in overcoming the various obstacles that often prove frustrating on a daily basis. Our aim is to empower these individuals to achieve their bottom line and to generate remarkable results that far exceed their expectations.


Our programs are designed to deliver maximum results, provide you with the skills, strategies, and confidence to move forward and face any challenge:

Webinar: The 3 Biggest Mistakes Leaders Make $5,000

 Leaders can greatly benefit from this valuable course that sheds light on the 3 most common mistakes they make, which can lead to intense pain, frustration, and lost productivity. This two hour course offers crucial insights on eliminating activities that waste time and resources, ultimately resulting in reduced productivity. By avoiding these common mistakes, leaders can improve their overall performance and effectiveness.

5 Day Workshop: The 10 Biggest Mistakes Leaders Make  $10,000

 This 5 Day Challenge provides leaders with a comprehensive exploration of the top 10 mistakes that leaders commonly make, leading to feelings of frustration, pain, and resentment. With a daily one-hour Q&A session and hands-on instruction, this course equips leaders with time-tested, effective strategies to eliminate barriers that may prevent them from taking action and achieving desired results. By the end of the workshop, leaders will be introduced to the necessary skills to overcome distractions that often keep them from taking action to break free from the key mistakes that keep them stuck.

Online Course with 1 Year Subscription  $15,000

 This comprehensive online leadership course offers a wide range of proven strategies that can help leaders address the pain and frustration they experience in their daily work, including 20 additional common mistakes that can hinder productivity and cause frustration. With a one-year subscription, leaders can access "30 Secrets of Successful Leaders," a course where Dr. Bolden shares his expertise and practical strategies to reduce lost productivity that can have a direct impact on the bottom line. The course also includes one year access to all of Dr. Bolden's teaching videos and strategies, empowering leaders with valuable insights to enhance their leadership skills.

12-Month Coaching Program $25,000

This coaching program is designed to equip leaders with effective strategies to improve communication, reduce employee turnover, and motivate disengaged employees to enhance productivity. Through this program, leaders will not only learn to identify the key reasons behind the 30 biggest mistakes leaders make, but also gain insights into the 30 best strategies leaders can take to eliminate years of frustration, pain, and anger. The program offers a practical, hands-on approach to help leaders develop the skills needed to achieve these objectives. Additionally, the program includes a monthly question and answer session to address any concerns that contribute to increased stress, as well as a coaching call each month to discuss goals and objectives. Participants also receive one year of online access to all program videos and courses.

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